In October 2009 we aim to travel overland for 12 months in the Middle East and Africa.

We will travel through Europe into Syria, Jordan, then by ferry into Egypt where we will spend Christmas and new year.

After New year we will travel into Sudan, then  through East/Central/Southern Africa where we will aim to be in South Africa for the World Cup!

We then aim to travel up the west side of Africa before heading back into Europe in Septemeber/October 2010

After months of deciding which vehicle to choose we decided to go with A 2002 Toyota Landcruiser hj100 with 60,000 miles on the clock. It hasn’t been any problems to date. Toyota reliability made us go with a Landcruiser over a Defender.

We also hired a Landcruiser in Morocco in 2008 and knew we couldn’t go far wrong with one of these. The added comfort over the Defender also played a part in our decision. During our quest we also looked at a 3.0 litre Nissan Patrol which are also fantastic vehicles for this sort of trip.

We have made modifications to make the Landcruiser African proof. This wouldn’t have possible without plenty of help along the way. The main modifications were replacing all the shock absorbers, and coils, front and rear protection, a long range fuel tank, giving us 240 litres of fuel at any one time, and replacing the exisiting Toyota baterries and installing deep cycle Odyssey batteries with a low range cut-off in case we drain the batteries from charging the fridge and other electrical equipment.

On top of the vehicle we have added a Front Runner roof rack which adds support for the roof tent, where we will spend most of our nights on the road. I’ve also taken the pecaution of adding two spare wheels added to the swing out arms on the rear bumper. This made room underneath the vehicle for the long range fuel tank.

To be updated.

Watch this blog for more information when we set off in mid-Ocotober

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