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A leap across the Straits of Gibraltar and we will have landed back in Europe. We will be eating tapas on Friday somewhere in southern Spain!

A new cartoon from Tony under the Bukina Faso blog from September. Al getting maleria gets the ‘toon treatment. Thanks Tony!

27/10/2010 – Fes to Chefchaouen (Got a bit further. Made it to Martil on the Mediterranean coast (186 miles) – Route taken: Fes, Ouazzane, Chefchaouen, Tetouan, Martil – Morocco

28/10/2010 – Martil to Algeciras – route taken: Martil, Cueta (Spanish enclave, duty free!), ferry crossing 1hr, Algeciras (Spain), staying somewhere on the road from Algeciras and Cadiz – 44 miles (a short distance, but hey! we are back in Europe)

One of the easiest crossings so far. Very easy to get tickets for the half hour or hour ferry depending on how deep you want dive in your pocket. We were in no rush and managed to get a price for 95 euros for the two of us and the vehicle. We were in Cueta by midday and went for the ferry at three.

The Rock of Gibraltar is the first and main sight as you approach Europe. In a flash we were driving of down the coast. Roads you hadrly have to think on. Signposts everywhere!

We found a camp down the coasts towards Cadiz.

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