Rest day. We’ve got a shaded part of the back garden where we are staying. Nouakchott is a dusty inferno. Absolute chaos when we got a taxi to the market. Our taxi driver said there was a new government last year and this is the reson for the JCB’s and upheaval whilst they make new roads in the capital.

Five minutes in the sun is enough. The taxi driver said it was cooler today! This isn’t quite the hottest time of year. It cools off in November.

We went to the Grand Marche, then the artisan market right after. Good to see. Bun wanted to buy some malafa, a crinkly fabric Moor women use as veils. Men wear varying designs of a boubou, a sky-blue or white folded sheet type garment with a slit in it for the head and a pocket thats there for carrying mobile phones and money. The sort of thing you want to instantly to wear. The Port de Peche (fish market) is the must see thing here. We will head down there this afternoon and get something to cook later.

The Moors of Mauritania are of Arabic origin and speak Hassaniya. Their society still remains hierarchical. Black skinned slaves from the south, known as harratin, hold the lowest position with the fair skinned bidan. Hassane nobles being the highest caste.

No more visas to sort out now for the rest of thr trip. We are free from any running around. Western Sahara comes under Morocco. We can enter pretty much enter Morocco like anywhere in Europe.