25/09/2010 – A little retail therapy in Bamako. Last night was very good. We ate near the hotel and headed out to find Le Diplomate, but ended up at another venue called Le Savanah. Thinking lets call it a night, we got a taxi back around midnight but then saw Le Diplomate a few minutes after we got going in the taxi. We jumped out and headed inside. Some great live music. Different  singers taking it in turn to sing on stage.

The women singers are known for their beauty and powerful voices in Mali. Bamako has to be one of Africa’s top cities for music. I still reckon it has some of the best music around right now anywhere. The griot tradition seems to produce endless great musicians.

We’ve been approached endless times to sell the Land Cruiser. It’s not uncommon here for locals to convert right-hand drives into left hand drives. They expect you to sell your vehicle for a lot less to allow them to do this after they purchase it. So a few pointless phone numbers taken to keep a few people happy.

One of the only cars you see here is a Mercedes 190d. They are everywhere. Taxis drivers spray them yellow. A very easy place to sell one if you can drive it from Europe.

24/09/2010 – A good day on Friday. We got our Mauritanian visas quickly on Friday morning and had all the filters and engine oil changed for the last time on the Land Cruiser. If anyones needs a 4×4 workshop in Bamako, M.F.M Sarl is very good. Tel: 73 28 38 72

Were aiming to leave Bamako and head to Mauritania on Sunday. That leaves time to enjoy some music in Bamako tonight and Saturday before heading on. We are off to Le Diplomate, the legendary club in Bamako that has live music on Friday night. It is owned by the well known kora player, Toumani Diabaté.

We left our base on the outskirts at Le Cactus and have moved into central Bamako for the weekend.

Gps for Mauritanian embassy in Bamako  – n 12 39 710 w 007 57 999