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Route: Ouahigouya, Koro, Bankass, Bandiagara – 110 miles

We seemed to get stuck in Ougadougou with Al getting maleria. We needed a change. There were still differing stories as to whether or not the northern areas were safe, so we felt it better to leave it.

Burkina wasn’t particularly well set up for overlanding. We knew Mali would be, so headed there today – a good chance to gain some time. We are going to need some time to play with once we hit Mauritania!

A beautiful drive to get here. We are right on the edge of Dogon country. The scenery changed into Sahel, desert like, conditions and Bun got all exicited when she saw the first camels in ages.

We helped someone else out who was stuck in the mud this time. A Mercesdes that was on its way to Badiagara.

Lots more rain overnight. We were not sure what state the roads would be in, after the border  in Mali. Luckily it wasn’t as bad as people were saying. Still, great chunks taken out of it in parts and lot and lots of holes.

17/09/2010 – Ougadougou, Yako, Ouahigouya – 123 miles

As always, good to get going again. We aimed for Ouahigouya, north of the capital, but had no luck finding our dream place to stay! We got a pointer to some open ground that had a restaurant that may let us camp. We let the storm pass by, watching the rest of a film on the laptop.

The owner to the resturant was amazingly friendly. She had us follow her back to her house. We were introduced to her family and sat and watched some television for a while. She would allow us to stay for the night for free, but we decided to stay in an hotel. We didn’t want to cramp their style and all we really wanted was to crash out and get some food that night.

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