You may be wondering why the hell we are back in the capital! I might throw that voodoo fetish I bought on my birthday away. It seems to be bringing us bad luck!

I woke up in the tent this morning hardly able to move. We found the only place to stay in Koudougou, after leaving Ougadougou late yesterday. Also, the night guard played the television too loud throughout the night. I got a little more sleep than Bun. Not ideal, but was intending to relax today once we arrived in Bobo-Dioulasso.

I feel awful and haven’t felt this bad in a long time. My wrists were in agony and I couldn’t support myself. Same for my ankle. After struggling to get out of the tent, I could hardly stand up. My left ankle was in agony, my upper half was in pain too around my shoulders, plus I had a banging headache. Bun got out book ‘Where there are no doctors’ (a great book, which offers more entertainment than advice!).

Bun listed Dengue fever as a possibility (more popular worldwide and in humid, wet season environments like what we have here). Thanks for breaking it slowly Bun! I thought it was malaria, but wasn’t getting those aches in the back or any shivers yet.

A mystery as to what was going on, so we had to make a decision to carry on or return to the capital to get a consultation at one of the clinics there. We went via the hospital in Koudougou first, but left after ten minutes when we saw lots of people waiting. Bun drove onto Ouagadougou, 90 km away.

I went for a run the other day, just before the heat of the day went away. I was thinking at the time it was far too hot to run, so cut it short. That might have something to do with it. The doctor at the clinic said I had a fever. He prescribed some quinine for malaria in case I had that and some other anti inflammatory drugs for the ankle. We had half of that already in the medical kit so went onto the pharmacy around the corner for the rest of the prescription.

I amused the women in the pharmacy when my towel almost dropped to the floor. I may be out of it, but I got there in time!

Blood tests followed, one for malaria and another two we couldn’t work out. The doctor’s English wasn’t great but we got by. An x-ray tomorrow morning in case the ankle is worse than expected. We are now resting up around the corner from the clinic. Bun’s not feeling too hot either, with some aches and pains. It all sounds a bit ominous!

Looking up! We get to relax (well needed, and get to watch the US Open).

News back from the clinic. The blood sample came back positive. Al has malaria and has started his course of quinine for the next 5 days.  He should be OK in three days according to the doctor and this is in line with what we’ve heard from other people. Bun has taken a blood test whilst we are here just in case. X-ray in the morning regarding my ankle mystery!