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Found a small hole in the exhaust muffler as we were packing away the Landcruiser today. usual check underneath to see if everything was in order before we left the camp. Yesterday it was making an odd sound as I turned the vehicle off.

We went in search of a workshop in the centre of town and stumbled on the office of a tour operator that uses 4×4 vehicles. He pointed us to a small workshop,  more a back street man who runs a chaotic workshop with endless bit and bobs all over the place. He did a good job welding it up with some scrap mental and tested it after he was done. Seems in order now. Not bad for a fiver. Like most mechanical jobs carried out in Africa, will we see if it is a good job  in a week or so!

We are heading south for a week, then will decide if we will leave for Mali or make a tour north. Most people we have spoken to say the area we want to go to is safe to tour. We have some time to decide what to do.

Will we get to see the US open final tomorrow? I doubt it, but it is bound to be a classic. We are both in different camps, with Bun wanting Federer to win and myself Nadal (tough luck, Bun – Federer lost his semi final match!).

Rains are on their way again. We went for a lovely meal last night at Espace Gondwana. Bun had a mix of Sahelian grilled meats and I had a slow cooked lamb. The best food we’ve had for ages. On the way there was a thunder-storm and some incredibly strong winds that lasted for a while. It is the hottest temperatures we’ve had on the whole trip. It was 38c in the Landcruiser yesterday.

Ougadougou is an amiable city. Not masses to see, but it has a good vibe, with good restaurants, and a thriving art scene. All a bit strange and out of place in one of the poorest countries in the world. Little hassle here, just loads of scooters and cyclists that block your way. Lots of horn blowing. Not so much fun at night, when most have no lights.

See that season 4 of Mad Men is available. We are desperate to see season 2 onwards. If only the download speeds were quicker here! No sign of any bootleg copies on the street here. One for when we get back.

We’ve been listening to: Mulatu of Ethiopia. Chifara never fails to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Quality stuff, bringing back all the sounds of Ethiopia.

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