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Voodoo spirit is taking over in Lome. We got spooked on Sunday night at a show which we were lucky enough to see where we were staying. I’ve added a video to Flickr as a taster. Absolutely crazy. We couldn’t keep up with the story, but the costumes and drumming were excellent. It was in fact a birthday party for someone who had hired the hotel and we just happened to walk right into it. Good timing, as we were going to head into the centre for food that night.

It continues to be incredibly hot here. No complaints from us. 32+ C  yesterday (Monday). Back on the malaria tablets. We’ve added our Out of Africa mosquito net inside the rooftent for added protection. It now looks like something from an expensive safari lodge. It’s just coming to the end of the rainy season here so still a risk from malaria. There are two main periods of rain and we are bang in the middle of it. Not much falls, but it  feels like it could at any moment. It’s been nice and sunny for the last few days.

We relaxed on Sunday. Didn’t really budge at all, which was needed. On Monday we cracked on with what we needed to do here. Straight to the French Consulate to see if we could get our Bukina Faso visa. We later realised that we can get it on the border in the north. Oh, and we finally got out brown card, which gives us insurance for all the countries until we reach Mauritania. Feel more peaceful navigating the scooters and motorbikes that constantly cut us up!

We also wanted to extend our basic 7 day transit visa, so we found immigration on the outskirts of town and got a free extension to give us a bit more time to see the rest of Togo.

We move on from here on Tuesday afternoon and head to Lake Togo before heading north to the mountains of Kpalime.

Our bodies have settled down now. We were both feeling rough for a week or so. Could have been the change to a different type of food. Who knows?

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