We’ve made it to Lome, the capital and found a place to stay 12 km’s outside of the city at Chez Alez, dodging the motorbikes getting there. More fun approaching the border. It could hardly be called the main border crossing when the roads turn into a nightmare and huge trucks fight for the road with the local tros tros taxis. We crossed the southern part of the Volta towards the border.

We got through OK and a kid helped us get through customs and immigration. As expected, we obtained the 7 day transit visa for  the right price. We can extend it if we need to in Lome. We got through quicker than expected and that means we can relax here  tomorrow with a day free.

All change. Heading into Francohphone countries for the next few months. Ghana is surrounded by Freanch speaking countries. Also a change of currency to the CFA (Communaute Financiere Africaine Francs). Bring on Togo and Benin. Birthplace of Voodoo anf the roots of Brazilian culture before slaves were taken to South America.