Rushing to leave for Togo. Will update more later.

Were taking in a mini tour of Ghana with half our minds on cracking onto Togo and Benin. Kurmasi was well worth a visit. I’m in search of some really nice Kente cloth and also to see where and how it’s made. Kejetia market is West Africa’s biggest so we also wanted to see that.

On our first day in Kurmasi we wandered around town and sorted out a tour for the next day to see the craft villages scattered around the town.

On our way back to Accra we stayed in the Bobiri forest reserve. The guide-book says ‘unlogged forest’ but soon after we arrived there were giant trucks carrying logs from within the forest. One man said they had come from forestry commission land on the other side of the reserve. Very peaceful place after Kurmasi.

We took a guided walk on the morning we were leaving for Accra. It was great to learn about the different trees in the rainforest. God, they are so tall, the size of office blocks in the City of London. We walked with a local man who explained their different uses. We heard the termites eating away under the surface whenever we stopped for a while.

Main hassle we’ve had in Ghana is that the police stop us all the time thinknig we are breaking the law because we have a right hand drive vehivle. It is illegal, but they are slow to accept the fact that we are in transit and it’s not a problem. It happened for a few days once we got going, but seemed to stop instantly as if all the police checks had been informed about the fact. Otherwise, we’ve been stopped bt the police who just want some money from us! Not hard to get out of and were moved on pretty quickly.