Fine work, Tony – thank you!

We are ready to fly. Sunning it back in Windhoek while we wait for our early flight tomorrow and slight back tracking similar to when we stopped in Johannesburg first. We land in Accra tomorrow afternoon.

The Landcruiser is now on the high seas having left Walvis Bay on Wednesday morning, a day early.

We left Swakopmund on Wednesday. We didn’t do much there aside from taking in a desert tour to check out all the small creatures that live under the surface of the dunes. A really good trip lasting half a day and we got to see the very dangerous white lady spider that, in defence, rolls down the dunes at 44 circumferences per second. Impressive, and the guide showed us this by digging for one and then throwing it up a dune to let it roll back down again.

Other things we saw, all endemic to the Swakopmund dunes, were the sidewinding adder (very deadly), a skink (a headless lizard) and gecko (amazing big eyes for hunting at night, more like a haribo jelly sweet). We finished off with a chameleon, which had turned black to warm itself up but slowly turned paler once he relaxed and was then fed some beetles, taking them with its extremely long tongue. We ended our trip with a drive through the dunes.