A little premature, but we reckon we can get going again on the 6th July. Our game has been decided in Port Elizabeth on Friday where Brazil meet Holland in the QF. Bring it on………

Back in Cape Town after the game

Feeling slightly jaded and tired after a mission to get to Port Elizabeth for the quarter-final game. We travelled overnight on a coach from Cape Town. Ten hours later we reached our hotel so we could grab some sleep before the game. I’m never doing a coach journey again!

It all worked out well. It was a fantastic game with all the build up outside the ground and the atmosphere inside, switching in the first half when the Brazilian fans were making all the noise to the Dutch making the most noise in the second half. The Brazilian fans win in the drumming lessons. Some great drum beats, constantly changing throughout the game.

Even more high drama with the Ghana game later on. We grabbed some seafood after the game and then Bun went back to the hotel to catch up with some sleep while I went up to the Fanfest to join the crowds to watch the game.

Back in Cape Town on Saturday evening, we got caught up with the Germany v Argentina traffic just after the game.

My brother, Mark, is in town for a few days with Katrine, to see the QF. We met up with him on Saturday and, then again, on Monday. Whilst Mark went up Table Mountain, we made a visit to Stellenbosch, the wine region, 25 miles outside of Cape Town and visited a few winerys and vineyards to sample some wine and food.

We dropped the Landcruiser off at JB autos on Monday morning to get it checked over. That gave us the day free to discover Cape Town some more and to finally get to go to the Royal Eatery, the best burger in town and a wicked ovaltine milkshake. We met Mark and Katrine down there whilst they were finishing off their burgers.

We got the call to pick up the Landcruiser on Tuesday morning. A massive list of things either changed or checked over for the full service. Only one issue we couldn’t sort out – our rear diff locks are not engaging. Something to do with the actuator, which needs fixing or replacing. It will not affect us at all on our trip back.

So we are ready to leave Cape Town. We have a visit to Robben Island on Thursday and then we  are off.

We have pretty much decided to ship the Landcruiser from Namibia to Ghana at the end of July. We spent a while thinking about it and it made the most sense. We would get some brownie points by reducing our carbon footprint! It cuts the journey back to northern Africa by half and saves a lot of wasted time whilst waiting for visas in all of the countries until we hit west Africa.