Route Taken: Cape Town, Mulzenberg, Kalk Bay, Fish Hoek, Simon’s Town, Boulders Beach, Miller’s Point, Kommetje, Cape Town

A very late night in Cape Town yesterday watching the Spain v Chile game and then meeting some locals from the Cape Flats who we went to a club with afterwards. Cape Town is party central and Long Street seems to be the one place to be during the World Cup. I imagine it’s always like that. Some great places to go to and right now, lots of people from everywhere heading down there.

We have covered 24,189 miles to get to the Cape of Good Hope. I still don’t quite know how we notched up that sort of mileage, but eight months is longer than most people spend getting to South Africa.

We’ve been trying to find the right spot to officially end our journey south. Partly not wanting the journey to end might have something to do with it.

We didn’t quite make it as far as Cape Point as we didn’t want to pay the entrance fee to the National Park. We left Cape Town this morning following the South Peninsula road to Simon’s Town and Boulders Beach where we stopped to watch the penguins, making their way out of the wind from the sea. The Atlantic looked menacing and very cold; the winds were very strong. Across the bay, we could see the other side of Cape Town covered in a blanket of cloud as it wrapped itself around the mountain.

Making a plan to watch the England game tomorrow and hoping that they make it through to Cape Town to meet Argentina (assuming they get past Mexico!). The England v Germany game wasn’t feasible unless we could fly. Bloemfontein is a massive distance from here, so we will let it go.

I’ve put out a message  on ‘the hubb’, the overland site, to see if there is anyone out there who wants to share a container to ship their vehicle to Ghana. In the meantime, we’ve had some luck with getting the visas for Angola. We now have a good contact at the embassy, after meeting her yesterday. She has listed exactly what we need to do. We still need an invite from a hotel in Angola which I have kind of got round, by asking a travel agent to sort this out for us.

Also thinking that we are running out of time, A 4000 mile saving if we shipped the Landcruiser to Ghana would save a lot of time and effort. From Ghana, excluding Mauritania, it’s a clear and relatively easy run back to Morocco. Visions of crossing the Niger river again to Timbuktu are getting us excited. Were missing Muslim Africa and can’t wait to hit that part of Africa again.