Route taken: Jeffrey’s Bay, Storms River, Plettenberg, Natures Valley, Knsyna

We were expecting great things from the game yesterday. Ronaldo’s early chance seemed like it would live up to expectations! A great spectacle all round despite the lack of goals.

We got to the stadium early to take it all in. The stadium erupted when Drogba came on to warm up. We were right opposite the Ivory Coast bench just off the  half way line and could see Sven freezing his nuts off.

It still feels like the games are to kick off. Some dull results all round so far hey! Luckily, England have given us some entertainment and as one presenter said after the second goal ‘God save the Green’.

We missed out on the back pages the day after England’s first game but saw a few clips on Sky News, which gets a good showing here on DSTV. We will be in Cape Town on Friday when England roll into town for the next game. We will try and get tickets for that game on the day. There have been reports of seats being empty despite all the tickets being sold out.

We know that it takes a long time to get anything done in Africa. This has transfered to the very slow start in the World Cup. Maybe there has been a spell cast over the games to stop any one team from scoring more than one goal per game!

The Ivory Coast fans were dressed in bright Orange football shirts. They drummed and moved to the rhythm which continued for the whole 90 minutes. ‘Allez les elephants’ was on the back of an Ivorian supporter dressed up in a elephant costume.

It was a great day all round. We started by from Jeffreys Bay after breakfast and got going to hit the N2 into Port Elizabeth. We joined the speedy traffic hitting town to see the game. Mainly Portugese fans, with flags blowing in the wind as they passed us on the motorway.

A Portugese fan asked us if we were lost as they passed us in traffic when he saw our number plate. Only when we hit traffic in Port Elizabeth did we get to hear the vuvuzela in full glory. It’s being called flufluzela on the SABC (the main South African radio station, reporting all day on the World Cup) as it claims that the plastic horns are blowing out germs onto people when they sit in the stands.

Only in Africa can a colourful plastic item be so popular. Chinese items are the favourite throughout the continent. Still, a great noise when something exciting happens and the stadium blows together. Not so pleasant when someone sitting behind you blows in your ear! It still remains an awesome sound when you are in the stadium. It gets louder when the action gets closer to the goal and brings the whole stadium alive.

Bun finally bought a vuvuzela today after she found the one she was after. She proceeded to practice in the hotel room before I told here to be quiet – it’s driving me mad!

Were now in Knsyna, on the edge of a lagoon and currently home to the French team during the World Cup. We are aiming to meet up with Thierry Henry later to celebrate Bun’s Birthday! We saw the team coach as we came into town.

We headed on from Jeffreys Bay this morning and got here to have lunch at the Oystercatcher. We had some great oysters and a massive plate of black tiger prawns as a treat for Bun’s Birthday. Knsyna is a nice town on the Garden Route so we decided to stay here overnight.

We then landed at the Inyathi guest lodge, a swiss style cabin for a room which is very nice and has an old fashioned freestanding bath and a TV for the football. An uncanny coincidence as we are watching the Spain v Switzerland game as I update the blog. Even the weather here is reminding us of when we set off on the trip last Autumn through Europe.

The rain has returned good and proper after the good weather for most of yesterday. We can see the hot weather on the national weather forecast in Namabia and Botswana further north but we are freezing most of the time on the coast. There was snow on some of the peaks as we passed the Tsitsikamma mountains.

Next move will be to move onto Cape Town, staying somewhere in easy distance to get there for Friday morning. Looking forward to arriving in the Mother City. It also means that we can crack on with getting things sorted for heading north.