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We can’t get enough of the game reserves, so we are making another trip, this time into the Central Kalahari. We had breakfast at the Old Bridge and I got in an early run before we left. Bun got chatting to a interesting guy from Sweden who had travelled from Europe to West Africa before getting a plane to East Africa to continue his journey to South Africa.

I highly recommend the Old Bridge. Some interesting characters who come and go and always a buzz of activity as they prepare for safari trips in the morning. We will also miss the two sheep dogs, who we played football with.

Maun has become the centre of our universe. Everything seems to get done here and it is a good base between all the Reserves and Game Parks in this part of Botswana. In a country the size of France and a population of 1.8 million, Botswana has some serious free space.

The fake Toyota blade didn’t fit properly for some reason so we had to get the expensive genuine fan blade, which cost three time as much. We also reckon that the damage was caused by going through water and not rocks and sticks getting in underneath the vehicle, which was our original idea. A few people  gave us different reasons, but water seemed to come out on top. One former Safari driver said he had seen it quite often on Landcruisers.

The radiator was fixed by mid-day. They pressure tested it and found a leak, so they filled in the damaged area. We headed to the Wildlife to get our tickets for the Central Kalahari Reserve. We thought Moremi and Chobi were hard going, but Central Kalahri is meant to to be harder and more remote. We are there for three days, leaving the Reserve on the 22nd. Our idea from here is to head into South Africa. Wow, almost there – we can almost see the Atlantic Ocean!

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