Not as urgent to get going early today. We had less mileage to cover, but still had to take the same track back to the Mababe gate of Chobi. We had time to pick up some lunch in Kasane and some mixers for the gin. Always well needed after a long day.

Once we hit the sand, we were bombing along trying to keep to the 40kmp speed limit that the park sets. The sand is great to drive in. It turns the day into a safari rally, as we try and make up time. Time seemed to go quickly and before we knew it, we were at Savuti for lunch before cracking onto Khwai.

A couple of deep water sections and we arrivred at the river to camp at Magotho. A great spot. there were some other vehicles that had made it there and we found a spot to ourselves. Some elephants came nearby as we were setting up camp.