A massive drive today. A bit crazy considering it was all off-road and through sand, but it was some of the best driving we’ve had on the trip. Bun drove the first three hours then I took over. Almost the perfect environment to travel in. Sand tracks that are as straight as an arrow. Set amongst dense Mopane forest, it took us over six hours travelling like this to get to Kasane. We didn’t see much game but got a treat of a male lion mating! Also a short distance away was a female with some cubs. Great to see and a first. We would have liked to have watched them for longer but we had to move on. We stopped once in the Chobi Forest Reserve for some lunch.

We wanted to get to the Chobi riverfront to do a game drive to Kasane. Our wish of seeing large herds of elephants came true. We must have seen over a hundred ele’s in the 20km’s it took to drive along the riverfront. A few herds slowed us down as they blocked the track. Bun told me to rev the engine for a while to scare them off after we saw a local do it on a track in Moremi. It worked after a while and we were off again. I’ve still not overcome my fear of elephants. Something that is bigger than the  Landcruiser we were sitting in is something to fear, in my eyes. Bun says that’s silly and they won’t do us any harm. Yer, right!

We met the Aussie couple, who were travelling on a large overland truck, that night. We first met them in Uganda, so we spent a while chatting to them and catching up. We were too tired to cook so we ate at the restaurant at the camp.