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Another stop-off before heading on. We couldn’t get any further on the road towards Kubu Island, so we found a good rest place at Tuiti Riverside Lodge, named after the river that flows alonside it. It had some nice hot showers (with adjustable heads!) and free wifi. Recommended if anyone is heading this way into Botswana.

Caught up with the blog the next day and then the usual rush around town to get a few things sorted. Another nail in the back tyre, so that was repaired first.

Bun made a massive batch of Bolognese that night, and half was stored in the fridge for another day. We also found a trifle in the supermarket in town. Bun savoured hers and saved some, I wolfed mine down like it was the last trifle on earth. We must be close to South Africa, with more European style products which are made there, bringing down the price. Still not keen on supermarkets and missing what we had in Ethiopian when there were no more than five products on the shelves of local shops!

Chicken feet seemed to be popular at the hot deli counter, as well as mopane worms, a brown larvae that looks like large maggots, the size of a finger. We skipped that but managed to get some South African wine for the weekend

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