(we stayed at Malumba Safari Lodge & The Waterfront campsite)

After a long day Thursday, we took it easy in Livingstone on Friday. We woke up thinking we were in South Central LA with the sound of helicopters and microlights taking people on early trips over the Victoria Falls. There are some great adrenaline options, but we thought it a good time to save some money and take in a visit to the falls the next day.

With the day free, we took it easy. I noticed that the back tyre was down so had a tyre centre look at it. They found a nail and had it fixed pretty quickly. Afterwards we stopped at Ngoma Zanga for lunch. We had some great Zambian food, including the kapente, the smallest fish found in Zambia that is deep-fried and served with chilli sauce and lemon

In the evening we went for cocktails at the Royal Livingstone hotel! If we sold the Landcruiser we could have afforded a night in a room there! We were told it would be a great spot on the decking over the Zambezi to watch the sun set and watch the colours changes over the Victoria Falls. Back at the campsite, whilst we were opening the tent on the roof, Bun fell from the Landcruiser to the ground, escaping with a sore elbow. Too many vodka martinis!