Our policeman friend with the shotgun in Matobo Hills had recommended that we follow a shortcut to the border that would avoid going to the normal Plumtree crossing 60 miles away from Bulawayo. He said we would be fine but we needed to keep asking people after the last town! I was worried we would be sent back to Bulawayo to get the carnet stamped for the Landcruiser. He also said the shortcut would only take an hour!

Two hours later we were at the border. The roads were OK up to a point then they turned into a corrugated nightmare. The GPS was flicking away from the border, then one minute it looked like we were getting closer. We stopped and asked people along the track and I was convinced that it was a tiny border post with no stamps. We hit some sand and thought we must be near Botswana. It is known for its Kalahari sand which is deep and rocky in places.

Finally we reached a signpost and we were only 7 miles from the post. Before the border we stopped and packed away the small amount of meat and cheese we had. Botswana has high foot and mouth controls and you are not allowed to take any dairy or meat products into the country.

To our surprise the border post was quite high tech considering the road we had come down. The Zim side was done quickly and before we got to immigration on the Botswana side, we had to get out of the vehicle and step in a foot and mouth dip and have the tyres sprayed down.

Our fridge wasn’t searched. This border post wasn’t used much by overlanders and they had no idea what to do with our carnet. It did bring us closer to Francistown and we were there within the hour.

It’s good to be finally in Botswana – a ‘must see’ country on our route. We want to spend three weeks here starting with the Makgadikgadi salt pans and Kubu Island.

We’ve been Watching and listening to: The god’s must be crazy. A funny look at a travelling Kalahari bushman who encounters modern civilisation in the form of a Coca-Cola bottle that brings him bad luck & Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings – I learned the hard way