The Victoria Falls bridge that joins the two countries and tourists now go between the two sites to sample the falls from both locations. We opted for the Zambian side as we were not sure if we were going into Zimbabwe at this point. Either side, it was great to see one of the seven wonders of the world. We got up at five to get there early. The mist that is created from the falls is incredible and can be seen from miles away.

The walk down to the boiling pot is  steep taking us down to the banks of the Zambezi to get some good views. After we did the footbridge walk to the eastern cataract and in the process got soaked crossing the footbridge. A group of Japanese looked at us in amusement as we approached them soaked as they were there with their raincoats and umbrellas. In true Japanese fashion, they looked immaculate and colour c0-ordinated. We didn’t see them after they returned from their soaking on the bridge, so that might have changed. Bun went back and forth on the bridge three times to get wetter.

Zimbabwe was still an option. We had been reading about some really good options that would take us on a loop to get us back into Botswana, exactly where we needed to be. As we were not going to the Chobi National park in Botswana, we thought the Zimbabwe idea was a good one. There we get to see the Hwange National Park, home to the largest elephant population in Africa, then to Bulawayo before entering Botswana near Francistown. From Bulawayo we could easily see the Matobo National Park made up of a landscape of balancing granite rocks and boulders.

Nothing we had heard put us off where we were heading there. After the economy collapsed in 2008, the country is using the American dollar, which has stabilised the country, but the cost of living increased after it was introduced. Its record breaking inflation is a thing of the past. I bought a set of these notes before we left Zambia. The set starts at Twenty trillion dollars, through to Hundred trillion. The cholera outbreaks that killed almost 4000 people in 2008 has abated.

We ended up crossing into Zimbabwe that afternoon. After we found a place to stay, We went to the Victoria Falls hotel for high tea! A slightly surreal experience, sitting there stuffing ourselves on mini sandwiches and cakes looking towards the gorge and the Victoria Falls bridge.