29/04/2010 – Should take us six hours to get to Livingstone today.

28/04/2010 – I got in an early run with the resident dog, a  jack russell called Scrumpy, who constantly ran off in front of me leaving me for dead. It didn’t get my ankles once. We raced to the gate of the camp after the last uphill!

We are here for two nights as we do the usual stocking up on food before heading off to Livingstone to see the Victoria Falls. Our route from here just gets better, as we work our way into Botswana to the Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta.

Zambia feels a off the beaten track and still ahs some great areas of wilderness and parks that you can’t get to most of the year. It’s not set up for independent travel and distances between major towns are large. There are far less people here. The population is only 12 million. The Kafue National park is the size of Switzerland and is Africa’s largest game park.