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We’ve spent the last week driving south along Lake Nyasa, commonly known as Lake Malawi. A very easy country to travel in and it feels more like an interlude, breaking up some of the harder travel in the surrounding countries. Great scenery and another Rift Valley lake. Lake Nyasa is the second largest and deepest Lake in Africa.

21/04/2010 – Mbuya Campsite/Lilongwe – We covered the 80 miles in just over and hour. Were at Mbuya camp for one night only before heading to Zambia. We met a British couple who are travelling south. We’ve arranged to meet up with them again on the other side of the border tomorrow at Mumarula’s in Chipata. We owe them some wine after finishing off their supplies!

20/04/2010  – Cool runnings/Senga Bay – Another spot by the lake. Unusually hot day for this time of year. That explained the downpour that night. We woke up at two in the morning thinking it was much later, planning to mover onto the capital. The water on the lake was very high when I took a look in the morning. The owner, Sam, was there laughing at the situation. Yesterday she had a team of men trying to move a small island of bamboo and reeds that had drifted onto her beach from the north. They were out there in force with machetes and a motor boat trying to drag it away from the shore. The winds switched overnight, coming from the south-east (Seasonal southeasterly trade winds in late April & May, known locally as Mwera) forcing the small island onto her neighbours beach and saved her the job of cleaning the mess up.

19/04/2010 Makuzi beach on the Chintheche strip

One day doing nothing is needed, so we decided to move onto Makuzi beach. We had the beach to ourselves. A fantastic spot, the best we found in Malawi. It’s the first time I’ve been running and had a group of school kids run behind me telling me to stop and then start. I would run off at speed, only to slow down after 50 metres. This got them screaming as they tried to keep up.

18/04/2010 Chitimba campsite

Sunday at Chitimba campsite and just after we woke up a couple of pick-ups turned up. Some South Africans’ with a day off from working at the uranium mines were here to have a day by the lake and plenty of drink! They were making their way around the camp, chatting to the different groups.

Our cue to get out of there! As I was getting the inside of the roof tent ready to fold it up, one of my legs was being dragged out. It was a drink offering from one of the South African’s. Bun had already started on hers. Still unsure what time it was, after switching back and forth between time zones we assumed it was eleven and not ten!. We had a chat over a drink with the South Africans and the moved on down the coast.

After stopping in Mzuzu, we followed a lovely road along the coast towards Chintheche. We passed rubber plantations and some great little villages.

Being quite a small country, Malawi has one of the highest population densities in Africa. Most people live in rural areas and depend on subsistence farming.

We stayed at Kande Beach resort for the night, joining two big overland trucks that we hadn’t seen for a while. The okra got cooked and I made a curry after our mission for some fresh fish came to nothing.

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