Route taken: Jinja, Mukono, Kampala, Moigi, Nabusanke, Masake

A late start after having too many drinks with some of the people we went rafting with. Kampala was only a hour or so driving so there was no rush. An Omelette each and a pot of tea sorted us out.

Like Rome and Lisbon, Kampala is built on seven hills. A modern and laid back city, it has none of the worries we noticed in Nairobi, like hi-jacking! We camped at Red Chilli Hideaway, 10 minutes from the centre. Several large overland trucks, that take large groups through southern Africa were arriving after we turned up. They have a tendency to settle in places for one night and usually leave very early in the morning. You don’t see them above Nairobi into Ethiopia and It’s been hard avoiding them since Kenya. We’ve met and chatted to some nice Australians who have been interested in our trip.

We have nothing to worry about here. We don’t need a visa to enter Rwanda. We could, if we wanted to, sort out the tickets to see the mountain gorillas. The Dutch couple we ran into again after we met them in Nairobi were here to sort their tickets out. At $500 each to pay for an hour with the gorillas seems an astonishing price, but it’s one of the ‘must see’ sights in Africa. The Bwindi National Park is home to half the world’s population of mountain gorillas. There are other groups of gorillas in the DRC, and Rwanda.

We were still undecided but we have an opportunity to see them in Rwanda if we wanted to. We are zipping through Uganda a little. We are looking forward to Rwanda from what we have heard. As were pushed a little to get back through Tanzania by the 14th.

Shame we couldn’t stick around Kampala till the weekend. There is meant to be a great party scene here. Same goes for Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. We get to have some Thai food and stock up on provisions at the Nackumatt supermarket (Kenyan owned supermarket that is like being back in the UK. First visit was ok after Ethiopia where there is nothing of the sort. Now five minutes is more than enough time in there).

Traffic is horrendous in Kampala but not as bad as in Nairobi. We are aiming to get to Lake Bunyonyi for the Easter weekend. A volcanic lake surrounded by high hills near the town of Kibale