Still trying to sort out seeing the gorillas in town at gorilla hq. Not only is the internet unbelivable bad, it’s also hard getting any cash out to pay for anything. The other priority today is finding out where to watch the second leg of the Arsenal v Barcelona game tonight!

Still undecided about seeing the gorillas so we left town heading towards Gisenyi, on the shore of Lake Kivu. I instantly realised on leaving town that we can’t leave Rwanda without seeing these rare primates so will sort the tickets out in Kigali when we arrive there towards the end of the week. It often works like that. Luckily, despite all the hills, Rwanda is a small country so it is easy getting around.

The weather perked up and we got a great view of the lake as we decended into town. Rwanda is incredibly beautiful. We could see the distant hills of the Demoratic Republic of Congo, which unfortunatly our carnet doesn’t allow us to visit. Lake Kivu runs 100km along the Congolese/Rwanda border.

The seven volcanic peaks make up the Parc National Des Volcans in north west Rwanda: Nyragongo 3470m, Karisimbi 4507m, Mikeno 4437m, Bisoke 3711m, Sabyinyo 3634m, Gahinga 3474m, Muhabura 4127m