Route taken: Kilifi, Mombasa (inc ferry), Tiwi Beach

Just when we thought life couldn’t get any harder – another overland favourite, Tiwi beach. A world away from northern Kenya. White sand and palm trees and we could park the Landcruiser right on the beach. The wind was high when we arrived, so that took the edge of the sweltering heat. We packed the car with tropical fruit on our way down from Kilifi. We are surviving on small bananas, passion fruit and mangoes.

When we arrived at Tiwi beach the owner slashed open some green coconuts for us to try. We also got approached by men selling sea food. We missed out on the best catch, so we asked him to pass by on Saturday morning. There is also a man that goes round called Mangoe Man. He pushes his bike through the sand with baskets of fruit attatched to the sides. We took some limes of him for our prawn marinade. It must be hard work , as his tyres were flat

We finally got hold of some jumbo prawns and spiced then up in some chilli, ginger and garlic on Saturday night.

Not a massive amount to report. It is so relaxed here. Some Germans we met in Nairobi arrived in their old fire engine. When we said goodbye at Jungle Junction we said we would see them at Tiwi in a few days. Almost a week later, we bumped into them again.