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We ate at the Carnivore resturant last night. Billed on the posters outside as Africa’s greatest eating experience and it has been named as one of the 50 best resturants in the world. It was more like a medieval banquet in safari dress as the waiters went around with swords of bbq meat, carving them at the large table for diners to sample as many meats as possible! It is based on traditional Nyama Choma (Kenyan bbq meat).

We tried crocodile, which wasn’t very nice. A meat like texture but with the taste of fish didn’t quite do it for us. Bun spat hers out! Nothing too whacky came after, only Ostrich meat which was good. It has sorted out our meat craving for a couple of months. It doesn’t quite taste the same abroad. We can’t quite put our finger on it!

The highlight was drinking Dawas. Served by a man with a tray round his neck, a bit like an ice-cream seller in a cinema, he would make them at your table in an instant. He looked like he had been making them for himself all night and drinking round the back out of sight.

Dawa means “medicine” or “magic potion” in Swahili. In other words, a dawa is said to be so potent that it will cure whatever ails you. The recipe is based on a famous Brazilian drink Caipirinha that was introduced to Kenya. It is now one of the most widely consumed cocktails in Kenya.

1 teaspoon of white sugar or 1 tablespoon brown sugar
2 fluid ounces vodka
crushed ice cubes
1 whole lime ,quartered, with skin on
1 dawa stick, twisted in creamed honey

Everything has gone safari mad. Even the air freshners have images of safari scenes on them. Big safari jeeps drive around taking people out of town to see what they call the big 5 game animals (elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo & leopard).

There is a report on the BBC this morning, where some tourists had to get air-lifted out of their camp due to the flash floods in the Samburu game reserve.

We are thinking we might wait untill further south due to the high prices here for entering the parks. In Botswana / Zambia etc we can drive freely on our own in the parks, avoiding any huge costs.

We had the Landcruiser looked at quickly here. We heard a banging noise coming from underneath. Two bolts had fallen out of the protection plate on the rocky roads. The prop-shaft needed re-greasing as well, so we had that done as well.

I’m downloading like a lunatic whilst we are here. Just downloaded Hurt Locker and In the loop.

We’re reading: (me) Season of blood/A Rwandan journey by Fergal Keane &  (Bun) The Zanzibar Chest by Aidan Hartley

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