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Loving Lake Awassa. A great location and a world away from the city. We’ve spent our time here trying to get rid of the monkeys that climb all over the Landcruiser. They like playing games with us as they run around on the top of the tent as we chase them off!

We took a boat trip to see the Hippos yesterday evening. We got sight of a group of three taking it easy in the reeds. One opened it’s mouth really wide. Just a taste of what we will see further south.

I’ve added a Twitter feed that will let you know what we are up to between blog updates. Find us on Twitter under the username konaaln.

For you map followers – we are doing a loop from here towards Arba Minch, taking in Dorzo, near Checha. Dorzo people live in unique beehive shaped dwellings that are up to six metres high. From there we head south towards Konzo. Another group known for their hilltop villages and who are highly skilled agriculturists. They are compared to the Dogan people in Mali.¬†Then it’s back to Yabello along a gravel track where we hit the main Moyale road for us to get to Kenya.

We will cross into Kenya by Friday. We will have to leave the south Omo and it’s tribes on this trip! As we left Awassa today we met a couple from London in a Range Rover. It looked like it had just come from a showroom. They were keen to cross into Kenya at the same time. We hear various reports about the Moyale to Nairobi road; it’s known¬† for bandits. It normally depends on what is going on locally between the different tribes. It’s a busy overland and truck route so it is usually well guarded.

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