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This is Ethiopian fasting food for Lent. It’s fantastic food and varied enough to keep you wanting more. Bun might disagree! You grab some of the murky brown bread called injera, then you use it to pick up a small handful of one of the dishes placed on top of the bread. In this picture all the dishes are vegetarian. Then you try a different one and so on. After three mouthfuls you are full-up! Washed down with a bottle of Mirinda (remember our friend from Axum!).

More issues with the radiator in the Landcruiser. It overheated again on the trip to Bahir Dar, just after we got the killer section from Lalibela out of the way.

We topped up the coolant with water before we left this morning at a garage. We had it looked at closer in Bahir Dar. A man at the hotel where we are camping showed us to the Toyota garage. The head mechanic came over to have a look at it. He reckoned it might be the radiator cap losing pressure and causing it to overheat.

We replaced the cap to start with and then had our friend take us to a garage to have the dust in the radiator blown out. Nothing seems to be leaking and the problem only happens on long uphills, the rest of the trip today was ok. The salt from the Danakil might be having its revenge! Clutching at straws for the time being, so we will have to keep an eye on it.

All of this is going against my ‘start the car and go’ philosophy. My mechanical skillsĀ are pretty bad to say the least. To date they haven’t been tested. Bun has got her overallsĀ  ready just in case!

The drive today was another classic. This country keeps producing some fantastic vistas. We passed the first overlander for a while. An orange Land Rover Defender belonging to two Germans heading north to Lalibela. We stopped to exchange a few words and trip times for the day so far.

We have a fantastic setting on the shores of Lake Tana. With all the rushing around town to sort the Landcruiser out, we are taking it easy at the hotel. The mosquitoes are back. After being at altitude for so long, we are being bitten alive tonight!

Our route to Addis Ababa tomorrow will follow the long road on mainly asphalt which will take us through the Blue Nile Gorge. It will give the Landcruiser a rest from the bumps!

We listened to: George Benson – In Flight

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