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Right. On the move again and to go again. We’ve had a do very little stay at the lodge which was well needed. Were just on the outskirts of Mekele having made a move early this morning. Just a quick update of the blog before moving on.

Were heading to Lalibela via a shortcut. We follow the main asphalt Adigrat -Addis road to a town called korem, just south of a Maychew. There we head west on a gravel road taking us to Sekota where we head south towards Lalibela. It should take us six hours. We will see! We look forward to the drive.

More to come..

We made it to Lalibela in just under six hours. Our first minor problem with the Landcruiser. With more jaw aching driving on bumpy roads the vehicle then started overherating on one long uphill section. I noticed the temprature guage heading into the red. We stopped in the middle of nowhere to cool the vehicle down. We were quickly surrounded by kids. I calmed them down by giving them some water from the back.

After it had cooled we then couldn’t start the engine. A few vehicles belonging to Aid agencies stopped to see if we were ok. The extra fuel tank was low on fuel and I switched tanks over and we were off again. The road got better for the last hour as we headed into Lalibela.

We had a whistlestop tour of Lalibela. Ethiopia’s Millenium which was a few years ago hiked the price of seeing the site up to 300 birr ( £15). A lot of the Ethiopian’s we’ve spoken to complain at the increase in everyday living due to a change in century. As it was late in the day, we decided to leave it. We got a great view of Bet Giyorgis, the rock hewn church in the shape of a cross from a vantage point in town.

We camped in the grounds of the Seven Olives Hotel.  We would like to have stayed longer but were pushed for time to get to Addis for Wednesday night.

The next stop is Bahir Dar on the southern tip of Lake Tana. One night there before heading to Addis Wednesday morning.

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