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Downtime! Our early return from the Danakil Depression has given us a few days to kill before we reached the lodge. We were half deciding if we should make our way to Addis via Lalibela and Bahar Dar but we have had the lodge booked for a while so want to keep to the plan. were booked in till the morning of the 15th.

We are not in any rush now and can make up time elsewhere. We are mindful that the rains are due in Kenya and Tanzania in mid-March. The Landcruiser shouldn’t have any problems dealing with the bad roads if we hit them after the rains.

Our main idea is to enter Kenya via Lake Turkana, west of the normal crossing in Moyale.  We’ve heard great things about this route. We would need to find another vehicle to go with if we are to do this.

It will be our last few days in Tigrai, where we have been for a while. We have parted company with our fixer, Tedrosy, who has been with us for the last six days in the Danakil and helping us out along the way. It was sad to leave him. He has been entertaining and very helpful whilst he has been with us although I wont miss paying for his appetite when he chooses the most expensive item on the menu and keeping his Mirinda (a fizzy orange drink like Fanta) craving satisfied!

My brother, Mark, has decided to work in another hotspot! This time Yemen. It’s only a 45 minute flight to Addis so he is making the journey next Thursday to meet us. We put in our orders a while ago, none of which include any pork products, which we are still in search of!

With all the Ethiopian pop and traditional music driving us mad on our travels, here’s what we’ve listened to on the road.

Gil Scott-Heron: I’m New Here  – first album in god knows how many years.

Four Tet: There Is Love In You

(In its usual place. Our main source of world news, oh and live Priemership football at the weekend. We’ve heard that Ethiopia are sending a skier to the Winter Olympics. No sign of snow here, just an incredible amount of dust!)

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