It’s good to be back in Ethiopia, having visited the country in 2004. We entered Ethiopia at the Gallabat crossing, nothing more than a mud hut where got our passports stamped. We had to disturb the customs officials to get our carnet stamped whilst they were having their lunch so we could crack on to Gondar.

We took the newly built road to Gondar. After an amazingly beautiful drive we arrived in Gondar and the first thing we did was to enjoy a well deserved Dashen beer which is brewed in the town. I think it was one of the best beers we have had in our lives!! As alcohol is illegal in Sudan we had quite a fill on a couple of days.

A big change from Sudan, life is much closer to the road here. You drive around a corner to enter a village and everyone is out in the road with their animals. Maybe because it’s a new road people seem to gravitate to it, like it’s something they’ve never seen before.

We were warned about kids throwing stones at vehicles in Ethiopia. We had been told to slow down and wave to avoid a window getting smashed. We noticed a few kids picking up stones so we waved like mad to avoid it!

Other hazards are cows, huge ones, randomly crossing the road without a care in the world. Huge herds of them sometimes and we have to come to a halt to let them pass. The road was better than we expected with only small patches to cover off-road.