We have touched base with Mr Salah about our ferry journey to Sudan. The barge travels separately from the passenger ferry and leaves either Sunday or Monday, depending on how many vehicles he has for the crossing. We have a cabin on board the ferry which leaves on Monday afternoon.

That means we have a bit of time to take in Aswan and get the car ready.

We have read about the trouble in Southern Sudan. We plan to be well away from that area so it will not alter our plans for next week. We enter Sudan at Wadi Halfa and head down to Khartoum following the Nile. We then cross into Ethiopia at the Gallabat border crossing.

We are staying on the west bank of the Nile. Not so many options here for overlanding vehicles but we managed to find a man who deals with cars travelling further south who need a base for a few days. He owns a pet crocodile which he was proud to show us when we arrived. It came alive when he poked it a few times!

No crocodiles on the Nile but Lake Nasser,which we cross to get to Sudan, has them up to five metres long!

It’s our first encounter with a Nubian, a group originally from Northern Sudan and Southern Egypt.

Many thanks Tony for the new cartoon. It sums up our experience in Egypt superbly!