So much for heading back to Cairo for the New Year! The desert route was the best option for heading south and we are now in Luxor at the Rizieky camp. We were welcomed with a fridge full of Luxor Wiezen beer and some beer we discovered in Cairo that is based on German wheat beer. Very surprising for a country that drinks very little.

I’ve had my daily dose of fuul. A soup/paste made from fava beans. Served up in the morning, you can see it being served from steel pots by street vendors. It might look awfull but it’s a good source of protein and my body has a love/hate realtionship with it. I’ve read it’s big in Sudan also, so I’d better get used to it! Lemon juice and a few spices are added at the end to spice it up a bit.

We had a good New year, spent amongst the dunes near Al Kharga. We stocked up on beers to add to the last of the spirits we’ve had shaking around in the back of the vehicle since the last border crossing. We also had some fire wood left over from our wild camping in the White Desert. We did get stuck again, this time for longer than before and we just managed to get out before we lost the sun!

We are also enjoying the hot showers and fastest internet to date. We’re here to see the temple complex of Karnak in Thebes and the Valley of the Kings.

We stayed at this place for the New Year………..,30.510493&z=14&t=h&hl=en