We crossed into Syria on Saturday afternoon. As it was late we stayed in the grounds of the ruined Basilica of Saint Simeon of  Stylites in Qala’at  Samaan and viewed the site the next day before we headed to Aleppo for a two-day visit.

We were told by the guard that their would be wolves around but they had enough dogs around to protect us! A slightly broken sleep with dogs barking randomly in the night. We got another run in the next morning, passing through olive groves and dodging a donkey before almost dieing on the hill back up to the car.

We are staying in the labyrinth of alleys that is the Al-Jdeida district in Aleppo. We’re loving the souk, the best we have found on the trip so far. Very laid back despite the mad traffic.

We’ve missed the GPS that was such a life saver getting in and out of  European cities. We get mapping back in Egypt. We went around in circles a few times until I ventured out on foot with a few locals to find our hotel. Again, help is everywhere and we are amazed at peoples generosity.

The food is incredible. The oddest food we ate was cherry kebab which we had at a restaurant called Beit Sissi.

More in the next few days………………..