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We’ve had problems getting internet connection since leaving Istanbul, so sorry for the lack of updates.

We are currently in Kalkan onĀ  the western Mediterranean coast of Turkey, making our way along the coast towards the Syrian border.

On the night we left Istanbul we took a ferry to cross the Sea of Marmara from Darica to Yalova.

We drove through Bursa and got lost trying to find our way to Ulubat Golu which we thought would be a good camping option. We were unable to find the minor road out of Bursa so I stopped and asked some men in an office which way to go. They had a look at the map and gave me tea whilst they worked out the route.

After a while they jumped in a new white BMW and showed us the way. The journey easily took 30 minutes through country roads.

When we arrivedĀ  they waved us goodbye and we were left to it. An episode of The Sopranos came to mind as we were driven through the lanes in darkness.

We ended up wild camping just outside of a small town called Hasanga.

We regretted not trying the Iskander kebab in Bursa which is known as a culinary highlight in Turkey. Grilled lamb kebab served with melted butter and yoghurt. We had eaten enough grilled meat in Istanbul to let this one go!

A massive highlight a few days later was a visit to the travertines and the Roman spa settlement of Hierapolis. Travertines are calcium carbonate shelves and pools which were created when warm mineral water cooled and deposited calcium as it cascaded over the cliff edge. It looks like icing on a Christmas cake. It was relaxing to paddle through the pools having explored the Roman settlement in the baking midday heat

Iso and me have started running and managed to get in a three and a half mile up and down run from the hotel where we camped to the entrance of Hierapolis.

We are following the Lycian Way over the next few days towards Antalya.






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