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High winds and changing weather wasn’t much to hang around for in Greece. After a unknown delay we crossed the border into Turkey just before dark last night. The usual, insurance, customs and visa process took a while. Nothing on the map looked like a possible diversion before Istanbul , so we decided to head straight there. The edge of Europe is in sight.

Bun woke this morning to the sound of morning prayer. She endeavored to wake me up but having done my first long drive in ages I could not be stirred from my deep slumber and slept right through it!

Feeling disorientated, like always when I arrive somewhere in darkness, I got my first view of the Bosphorus from the roof of the hotel. It feels good to be here after wanting to visit the city for such a long time.

We got a ferry and walked around the Asian side of Istanbul today and ate lamachun for lunch. Before then I drank a freshly squeezed pomegranete juice and got a head rush.

On the return journey we drank Turkish tea on the 20 minute ferry journey and watched the ferries and cargo ships coming and going on the busy Bosphorus.

Men selling bread sounded like Evening Standard vendors on the streets of London before they axed most of them a few years ago. On the bridges numerous men fish like they are trying to put food on the table.

We were, for a minute, back in Dalston, but as we approach Asia, the level of street life has increased and boys attempt to sell us items we don’t need.

Bun’s sister, Iso, lands in Istanbul tomorrow for a two month journey with us through the Middle East and Egypt where we will spend Christmas in Siwa.

We are here until Thursday





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