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We made it into the centre of Dubrovnik after I spent almost 2 hours downloading the second episode of Curb your Enthusiam, season 7!

Also check out this gallery we came across down a side street. Unfortunately it was closed.

Long day in the car Thursday. Three or four borders depending on the route we finally choose later. We will pass through Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia before we enter Greece tomorrow afternoon.

Photo I took whilst we were waiting for lunch.



The A1 is the only motorway in Croatia which links  Zagreb to southern Croatia. The stretch near Dubrovnik is still under construction so we rejoined the coastal road to arrive in Dubrovnik Tuesday afternoon.

We left Venice last Thursday, driving briefly through Slovenia briefly and then hit Croatia to get our first stamp in our passports.

The second night in Croatia was almost enough to send us back home. We had two days of constant rain in a National park near the Bosnian border called Plitvicka Jezera. We sampled bell cooking and had some fantastic lamb and  local sausages whilst we forgot about the rain. I tried to enjoy the sour milk whilst Bun had Orangina.

Following that we had two days taking it easy, following the stunning Dalmatian coast south. The first aid kit got it’s first use when I stepped on a sea urchin after snorkelling. Before using it I had to get the spines extracted by a doctor in a town called Tisno on the island of Murter.  I walked in and no hanging around she saw to me straight away. I translated ‘Catasrophe’ whilst she was examining my toe!

Poor Bun has been doing all the driving since Italy. My International Driving Permit has finally arrived and is now sitting in a DHL office in Thessaloniki in Greece waiting for me to pick it up. I’ll be ready for driving when the show really starts in the Middle East and Africa!

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